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About the Arizona Car Loan Process

Arizona Car Loans is able to help folks with all kinds of credit.

If you have excellent and established credit, you can apply for a
direct loan from one of our direct lending partners.

If you have iffy credit or have been turned down before, we will
send your application to one of our dealers in our nationwide
network. We work exclusively with lenders and dealerships who
pride themselves on exceptional service.

Our online auto loan application is one of the easiest and shortest
on the Web, and takes roughly a minute to complete. Most customers
are contacted within an hour -- that's right, an hour -- to set up an appointment with a local loan officer.

For information security reasons, you'll have to see the officer in person, but that's not so bad, considering many of our customers drive away in a new vehicle on the same day. In many, many cases you'll be offered an incentive to arrive for the appointment -- sweepstakes entries, things of that sort. Sorry we can't be more specific but they change from time to time and dealer to dealer.

You know you want to try that online auto loan form over there. Go ahead. Remember, there's no obligation.

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